Notes for authors

Notes for authors
1- Articles should include new achievements.
2- Any repetitive discussion or conclusion will not be accepted.
3- Manuscripts should be in world 2007 file and submitted as a single file (including figures).
4- Authors should submit high -resolution figures as separate files in JPEG [.jpg] format.
5- All figures and tables should be referenced within the main text file by using appropriate commands. They should also be numbered and cited in numeric order in the text.
6- Authors need to take the responsibility for their articles.
7- Articles should include title, author’s name(s), affiliation and email address, abstract (max. of 300words), keywords (4-7 words), introduction, research method and background, discussion, conclusion and perhaps acknowledgments.
8- Endnotes (if required) and references should also be added to the main text. References need to be cited in an appropriate style both within the text and at the end.

1- Archaeology and training
2- Iranian Archaeology: past, present and future
3- Analytical Archaeology and its role in past recognition
4- Cultural materials of Iranian Archaeology
5- Method and Theory in Iranian Archaeology
6- Archaeology and Archaeological Science
7- New Archaeological evidence across Cultural Iran
8- Post-fieldwork Plans